Wolseley Hornet Special Club

Encouraging the use and the preservation of these Special cars

The Wolseley Hornet Special Club was created 70 years ago, prompted by the renowned Bill Boddy, then Editor of Motor Sport. In October 1950 he published a letter bemoaning the lack of a Club for Wolseley Hornet Specials and Sports models. As a result, the Club was formed with the ambition of preserving and encouraging their use.

With over 300 members around the globe, today we have a register and photographic record of all identified cars on the World’s roads (and some still in mothballs) along with their history, where we know it. Members also benefit from a parts service with a selection of new and used parts, and we endeavour to seek the manufacture of new parts where originals are no longer available in order to keep cars on the road. This is backed up by Technical support in the form of training seminars, ‘how to do it’ videos and the availability of reprints of all technical articles and tips published since the Club was formed. And, of course, WHSC Membership gives access to an active sporting and social programme across the UK and in many other countries, notably in Germany and Australia. In the UK, members can relate to other local owners through regular meetings in each of the eight Club Areas. All of this is captured in an active Facebook presence, an active Forum on the website, regular magazines, events newsletters and club newsletters.

We set out to make Membership both beneficial and enjoyable. To keep ourselves on track we have stolen an idea from the corporate world by creating and publishing our own Vision and Mission statements, along with an ideal set of Values. They are reproduced here, not as a set of promises but as a reflection of our endeavour to create the best possible environment for Hornet Specials and Sports cars, their owners and enthusiasts.

WHSC Vision: To have the clout to make a difference

WHSC Mission:   To expand an active following through greater recognition, collaboration, support and know-how

WHSC Values: Young. Sharing. Creative. Supportive. Know-how.