The Wolseley Hornet Special Club officially came into being on 1st October,1950. It owes it existence to W. Boddy, the Editor of Motor Sport, who kindly published a letter in the October 1950 issue. This letter was from an owner bewailing the lack of a Club or similar facility for owners of Hornet Specials or other Sports Model Wolseleys.

The chief exponent of the marque was the late Colonel M.A. McEvoy whose McEvoy Special of the 1930′s was basically a Hornet Special. The Club was formed to preserve and foster interest in the Wolseley Hornet Special. Since its inception, the Club has been well supported and has provided an ideal framework for owners and enthusiasts to share their common  interest.

The following pages give detail of the cars’ developments from 1931 to 1935.

1930 and 1931

1932 and 1933

1934 and 1935

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